The Homework Completion Program

A Program for Frustrated Parents

Is homework a problem for your student? Are you frustrated with how homework is done in your home? Personal Life Coaching  (PLC) offers a coaching product for homework compliance. The Homework Completion Program for Frustrated Parents was designed to provide families with the tools and support for students to improve their organization, structure and discipline with homework completion, designed to  accomplish homework compliance and independence.

The Homework Completion Program is Designed for You If:

  • Your student has incompletes and zero's for homework grades
  • You have to punish for homework inconsistency
  • You feel frustrated or helpless in getting your child to do homework.
  • There is no structure in the homework process, with negative results

It’s so important to have a plan that takes into consideration your specific circumstances so that you can achieve a stress free homework completion process.

The Program Consists Of:

An eleven (11) Module Step-by-Step Program: which serves as "listen-at-home" modules that present the theory behind the potential problems and solutions that you may be experiencing with your homework frustrations.  It establishes the where and when for optimum homework performance. It also discusses a behavior plan to establish by-in from your teen. A checklist to track homework on an assignment by assignment basis is also established. AND MORE!!

Individual Coaching with Dr. Sims: There is 1:1 coaching sessions that serve as creating HOW to establish the solution's that you desire.  We will work through whatever struggles or adjustments are necessary to implement the program and solutions. . 

The Homework Environment Plan: Use this to organize your student in the homework process so you can instantly start reducing your frustrations and build a better working relationship with your student in the process.

The Homework Log: This will be invaluable in creating sustainable habits around homework management so you can reduce the amount of incomplete or not returned homework assignments.

Coaching and Peer Support: Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us on 1:1 calls, or in our support community so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support.

Behavior Contracts

Teacher Communication Form

Private Facebook Community: You will not feel alone in this journey! You will have feedback, support, and questions answered and asked in this community.

Program Length: Determined by the payment options listed below. Additional coaching sessions can be purchased if desired.

Payment Options:

  • $140/Session (Bi-Weekly  Coaching - 2 sessions per month, paid monthly @ $280)
  • $120/Session (Weekly Sessions - 4 per month, paid monthly @ $480)
  • THE SEMESTER/TERM PLAN - (3 months of $100/week sessions - $1200) 

       - If the Semester Plan is paid in full a 13th week is granted and serves as a review and prep for next term

       -  Extended Length terms availible  

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