Couples Relationship Coaching

You Will Know Them by Their Fruit

A Spiritual Concept for Unity

“Fruit”??, What am I actually talking about? Of course, fruit can be bad (spoiled), it can be ripe (or perfect for consumption), it can also be “premature” (not ready for consumption).

Premature fruit is in a season of preparation, just a matter of time before the fruit is just right!! Ripe fruit is just right!!! 😄 It’s doing what it was designed to do, it is enjoyed and enjoyable, it is expected to and usually does satisfy! Now what about the spoiled/”bad” fruit? For the most part it has reached its expiration date. It has lost its value; it is easily discarded.

What does this have to do with the couples’ relationship….Well….couples’ produce their own fruit, maybe hidden behind closed doors or easily observed by others…..

  • the premature “fruit(s)” are excitement of the honeymoon, lust, infatuation…the beginnings of the relationship!! Or….
  • the “fruits” of anger, arguments, sadness, rejection, tears, threats…….BAD FRUIT…….OR …
  • Happiness, laughter, respect, support, teamwork….LOVE!!! The best and most delicious FRUIT!

Through all of the qualities and traits…THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE!!!

Although the Fruit of the Spirit does not have to be the focus of my support with your relationship, when spirituality, based on the foundation of love, is instituted, VERY GOOD FRUIT is planted and gathered for yourselves and potentially generations to come.

I welcome the opportunity to enhance the quality of your relation in support of your faith. I have helped those of faith and religion (although I am not specifying a religious doctrine, I believe in a Universal Spirit that can support any believe system) and those that have no spiritual belief system or religious doctrine. I am skilled and prepared to help you!

A primary challenge in couples coaching is to ENHANCE LOVE and REDUCE selfishness, and to emphasize that the “other” person in the relationship needs to be understood.

If this is the type of relational support that you seek, schedule an appointment ASAP. I am here to listen and assist!

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