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Goal setting and finding out what works for you might sound like an easy task. However, many of us struggle with feeling accomplished in certain areas of our lives.

Whether you struggle to complete an assignment, get nervous about a personal relationship, or are unsure where to go in your career, make your goals a reality with coaching. At MEN For Life Coaching, Dr. Clinton E. Sims will support the change that is within you. 

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Are Your Behaviors Holding You from Proactive Progression in Life?

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Clint Sims

Virtual, "Out of Office" Coaching

Dr. Sims’ office is based in central Florida, but he offers coaching services to individuals nationwide. Virtual coaching refers to coaching services conducted by computer, tablet, or smartphone, right from the comfort of your home. Dr. Sims has found consistent success with this service modality and is now offering virtual sessions as a primary component of his work in any location or time zone. He seeks men who are lost in their lives like he was, wherever they might reside.

As a virtual coach, Dr. Sims can more readily service those clients that have demanding work/life schedules.  Students away to college are perfect coaching candidates. Clients’ cultural concerns, that is, African Americans seeking coaching, may discover value in having Dr. Sims available virtually as a coach. Perhaps, you may know of someone who can benefit from coaching, has difficulty making that first step, and does not need traditional therapy but does fit the coaching model; well, he can walk you through how to get them to a phone or virtual Coaching session.

In this hectic COVID world, the luxury of virtual coaching can be beneficial for many.

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Your Voice Will Be Heard!

Dr. Sims’ goal is to create an environment where your most important thoughts and feelings are unconditionally accepted in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. He offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each of his client’s individual needs.

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